Our Cattle

Our Cattle. First-Class Breeding & High-Quality Breeds

Our pastures are inhabited by hybrid breeds resulting from the crossbreeding of the European Angus and Hereford breeds with Zebu breeds, mainly Nelore and Brahman, with a recent development and focus on the Brangus breed.

In order to obtain high quality meat, the genetics of our animals is sixty-three percent dominated by European breeds. The influence of the Zebu breed guarantees an optimal adaptation of the animals to the climatic conditions of the Paraguayan Chaco.

We are a member of the Brangus Association. The association checks and certifies our genetics and the pedigree of the animals every year.

Brahman Cow

Brangus Cow

Our Certified Beef is Exported to 58 Countries

La Huella is certified for all markets. Our meat is exported all over the world. We comply with the requirements and demands of hygiene, animal welfare and monitoring of all markets.

Paraguay exports eighty percent of its production.


Our Production – From Breeding to Natural Meat

In our farms we cover the complete production cycle: from breeding and rebreeding to fattening and wintering of the animals.

1. Breeding

Selected breeding bulls (some from our own production) guarantee the natural insemination of our 18,000 mother cows. A large proportion of the cows are inseminated annually with high quality donor semen in order to constantly improve the genetics of our herd. An outsourced team of specialists, with long experience in the market, performs this task between September and December each year. The calving period of approximately 14,000 calves starts in July.

Calves are fed on mother's milk and grass and are separated from their mothers at nine months, when they reach an average weight of 260 kg.

2. Upbringing

The female calves with the appropriate potential develop into high-quality suckler cows during rearing. In this way, we secure the stock of our breeding animals and are always working on improving our genetics.

3. Fattening

Fattening of the predominantly male calves ends when they reach a weight of 500 kg and usually extends over 18 to 24 months. In exceptional cases, our cattle leave the pasture grass and are fed concentrated feed according to specific requirements.

Weight of calves at fattening

Weight before fattening 160 to 280 kg
Selling weight for cows 400 to 440 kg
Selling weight for bulls 430 to 500 kg

4. Sales

In addition to fattening cattle, suckler cows and breeding bulls are continuously sold in order to improve our genetics.

Approximately 10,000 animals are sold every year.


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